90% survival rates. That's the power of prevention.

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Help Catch Cancer Before It’s Cancer.

New, pain-free diagnostic tools like the molecular pap smear know how to catch cancer early. How early? They can detect the telltale genetic signs of cancer decades before it becomes a tumor. But Dr. Diaz needs your help to take these tools to the next level.


Dr. Luis Diaz

It’s not just early detection anymore — now it’s a renaissance in prevention.

–Dr. Luis Diaz

Please donate today and together we will see all the power and promise of Precision Prevention in a world where cancer can be caught before it’s cancer. 


MSK is Disrupting Cancer With Big Data and Precision Prevention is the Next Wave.

When doctors know how to detect cancer early, the survival rate can go from 5% to 90%. With your support, Precision Prevention will make these early-detection tools the standard of care for all, sparing millions from invasive treatments.

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